A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

You are trapped inside a restaurant, but can you resist the delicious food inside? Also, there is someone watching you and saying weird stuff.

- This is my first game, so I'm pretty sure there are still some bugs and stuff. If you find anything at all that seems out of place, a bug or even grammar errors, please tell me, I will fix them as soon as possible.

- More levels will be added in the future.

Install instructions

After you download the .rar file, extract the folder that contains your system name in it, than just run the Game.exe file to play it.


Escape Game - Restaurant.rar 191 MB


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This is quite an interesting game! If you make more levels, I can't wait to see how crazy / creepy the puzzles can get, hehe. More lore would be interesting, too!

I noticed a few grammar errors, like the word "label" is written as "lable", and a word "too" is written as "to". And maybe you could add some periods after some phrases. But other than that, the text is fine!